What is UX?


UX is short for user experience. User experience researchers empirically investigate the usability, effectivness and satisfaction that products provide to end users. A UX researcher gathers data about end users and uses them as the building blocks to product development and design. This information lets companies know how their product compares to their competitors, or how a new design compares to their currently released product, and provides solutions on how to keep, or attain, the market advantage by designing systems and products that users enjoy.

About Me

I love research and investigating how humans use computer interfaces. For me, using empirical data to help craft interfaces that users find fun, satisfying and effective is a rewarding experience. I take it as a duty to help make interfaces that are designed so simply that users can focus on their objectives, rather than focusing on learning how to use the tools they need to meet their obejectives. This website summarizes selected projects that I have worked on as a graduate student.

Usability Testing at the annual Open Education Conferece
Usability testing at the Open Education Conference, 2012