WYSIWYG editor for authors of Open Educational Resources


This is the project I am currently working on. The aim is to design a WYSIWYG editor tailored specifically for authors of Open Education Resources. My responsiblites include: creating personas, defining design requirments, setting usability goals, creating wireframes and conducting exploratory, comparative and validation usability tests.

Download a summary of the project
See a mockup of the editor
Read our blog on on user experience
See the "Accessibility" presentation
See the "Customized Learning" presentation
See the "Share Everywhere" presentation

Auditory Cueing for Naval Research Laboratory


This research was done for the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). The NRL needed an auditory alert that did not negatively interfere with speech comprehension for those whose duty it was to listen to audio messages accelerated by as much as 100%.

Download a summary of the research on auditory displays

Design Consulting for Nurture by Design


I defined design requirements for a tablet application for mothers of prematurely born babies. Requirements were derived from contextual inquiry, interviews and business goals.

See qualitative requirements

Investigating the ergonomic Issues of Touch Screen Devices


Responsiblities included helping craft the experimental design, creating testing trascripts, setting up testing equipment and collecting data.

Download the presentation

Usability Consulting for Paideia


Paideia is a summer camp for high school students who are interested in philosophy and formal logic. I worked on the information architecture for their website. My reccommnedations were based on two closed card sorting tasks and exploratory usabilty testing.

Download the results from card sort 1
Download the results from card sort 2

Interactive User Manual for the HTC EVO LTE Smart Phone


This is a concept redesign of an interactive electronic user manual for the HTC EVO LTE.

Download the presentation

The SmartBook


This is a concept design of an interactive textbook for college students.

Download the presentation